Unlimited Desires & How to get Relief from it

By the help of advanced technology, we are exposed to the whole world; we get to know about so many things happening worldwide even though we are located in some corner of the world. We can know things happening on the other side of the hemisphere very easily. Internet, satellites, data technology, gadgets, networks; all are just in disposition to serve the humanity with a promise to make our lives better.
“Make life better”. I can strongly adjudge this is the mantra that every product advertisement promises. “Try this, Buy this, Use this, Own this, Follow this, this is the best, this is unique, this is new, this is advanced” and countless skyrocketed hypes that we easily come across.Please wait! Do you really get the meaning what they are trying to do? Alternatively, looking from our own perspective, are we being carried away by these flashy ads, celebrity promotions and metro-sexual trends in the name of getting modern, advanced and up to date? Let us look at the whole picture.

Desires are unlimited
Yes, we all have a tendency to be number one, to be good in all areas, look beautiful achieve titles, fame. Be the owner of millions. This goes well with the saying – Human wants are unlimited!
We all desire to look beautiful, because we think that we are the body, so automatically we think to satisfy our body by food and sense pleasure. We falsely think that it will give us happiness. This is the primary idea of every one of becoming happy & satisfied.
We can easily see examples of celebrities or rich people trying to enjoy their life to the fullest – but we also hear the most depression cases, family problems, relationship woes, drug addiction also belong to these rich and so powerful people. This enjoyment of the material comforts may bring temporary happiness, but it’s just a flicker, the deep reason being that it’s not the body that is the really enjoying, there is another enjoying agent called the spiritual spark. In authorized Vedic literature, it is mentioned as purusa or person. In simpler words, it is the spirit soul or atma (in Sanskrit) or the ‘self’. This energy is different from the material energy. Therefore, we need to find what is the real need of the soul or the ‘self’. Therefore, from this behavior and tendency we get the idea that no amount of material supply or pursuits can satisfy the need of the ‘self’ and make us happy.

Exploiting this superficial Desire:
So we crave for more & more material stuffs and coincidentally, big companies & enterprises do not stay back from producing consumer goods according to our desire. This is strongly coupled with the desire for economic development. We hardly bother if that harms the nature or disturb the eco-balance.

What will happen?

So making all such mindless endeavors may mint a lot of money and temporary fleeting pleasure, but in reality where is this heading? This will bring the whole world to a very precarious & difficult condition. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the way we are going on exploiting or destroying the nature, very soon we will ourselves be struggling for existence.

The results of these acts have already started a toll on the nature and in a broader sense we are already facing the woes – increasing global temperatures, frequent cyclones, floods and new found diseases are the direct and graspable reactions. Therefore, we are the ones who are thinking that we should enjoy and can do whatever we like. We cannot continue like this. We all are going to suffer and regret one day. We just have to make sure that is not too late.

What is the solution?

We have to discard the false belief that you have come to this world to enjoy ourselves mindlessly. We must try to find out what is our real purpose of life. Who are we in essence and what is our function? So that we can start cultivating on that and we can be truly happy and satisfied. In short, try to find our real identity. We cannot just continue to destroy the world. Because the humans do not own any of the property of the world. Be it an ocean, air, natural resources. Please stop mis-utilizing for our self-interests. We should live a simple life and we should try to find the real purpose of our human birth in this world. Then we can be happy, fulfilled and satisfied. Thank you and all the best. Here is a relaxing video of soothing sacred sounds sung by Jagad Guru that will give you peace and warmth that we are always looking for in our hearts

Dear reader, could you please take a while to think that even we succeed in achieving all kinds of material pursuits, are we happy in the end? Don’t we still crave for more? A sincere and a deep look within will surely give valuable insights.