The Quest for Real Freedom & Blissfulness

If we see deep inside, then we are all looking to be free. Free from anxieties, free from stress, free from suffering, free from the burden of the material living. If we think ourselves to be the body, then freedom means trying to free the body and be able to do whatever we desire to do. Even if it is something really absurd and does not seem to help one experience happiness and peace anyway. So what is real freedom, is it being able to be free to do whatever we want to do, or is it something else?

We are not free even though our country might be free, we still are dominated by natural and social forces at each step. We can easily realize that we are not really free to do whatever we want and are being controlled in many ways. Even our body is not free, it has to undergo birth, diseases, old age and death irrespective of whether our country is free or not. So our body is already bound by certain natural laws which we cannot break even though we are trying to for many years.

To be able to experience real freedom, we have to realize our real identity and understand that we are not from chemicals as many scientist propose. Here is a fantastic video by Jagad Guru Chris Butler which clearly delineates that we are not chemical in essence and are in fact distinct from matter. So when we know that we are not material and are spiritual in essence, then we have to find out what are activities that will satisfy us truly and not just the body.

If we know that we are not the body but we are caged in the material body. Real freedom is thus getting out of this body and entering into the eternal spiritual dimension which is our true home. Like the fish going back to the water, no matter what you do for a fish which is out of water, it won’t be satisfied and will have a hard time surviving. But if we take the fish and place it back in the ocean, then it will be happy and live an active life. Similarly we are eternal in nature and our real home is in the eternal dimension. Thus real freedom and happiness will come when we enter the eternal dimension.

So the question is how can we start our journey to the eternal world where we really belong? The answer to this question has been given in bonafide scriptures of world. Hearing and Singing of the holy names of Absolute truth heard from bonafide teachers will transport us to the eternal dimension. It will also give us the taste of that happiness which we are always anxiously looking for.

So listen to this sacred sounds by Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda and you will experience lasting peace and satisfaction.

All are looking for some bliss and happiness, If we hear and sing these sacred sounds from perfect sources then we can experience the deep happiness we are looking for.It is good to practice hearing and singing of the sacred names regularly, it will bring harmony to our lives and gives us the shelter and the freedom which we are always seeking.Many people have derived benefits by adding these sacred sounds to their lives and have experienced direction, purpose and satisfaction in their life.